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For decades, John Purvis has been one of the pre-eminent trial attorneys in Colorado. He has taken on large insurance companies, large corporations, and governmental entities in order to help people who have been seriously injured by no fault of their own.  For the past twenty years, Mike Thomson has joined him in that battle. In recent years, the lawyers at Purvis Thomson, LLP have taken on all the major insurance companies, multiple automobile manufacturers and numerous governmental entities on behalf of their clients. Often that has required them to take the battle to the courtroom.

The attorneys of Purvis Thomson, LLP are the kind of attorneys other attorneys turn to for assistance. They are kind of attorneys medical doctors recommend to their patients. They are the kind of attorneys you will be proud to have represent you.

The attorneys of Purvis Thomson, LLP recognize that a personal injury can disrupt your everyday life significantly. We want to help you in any way we can. We like to think of ourselves as caregivers for our clients. We want to treat and assist our clients as we hope good physicians and therapists treat and assist their patients.

When you have been injured, choosing the right lawyer can be difficult. Everyone has his or her own unique needs and requirements for a personal injury attorney, but looking at how lawyers are viewed by their colleagues can be a great start.

Just as it is important to seek care for your physical injuries after an accident, it is important to protect your rights and legal interests. You can do this by speaking with an experienced Boulder personal injury attorney.

Since 1985, the attorneys of Purvis Thomson, LLP, have provided compassionate, knowledgeable legal advice and representation to people who have been seriously injured throughout the state of Colorado.

When it comes to unique brain and spinal cord injuries, we have the knowledge and understanding to know what questions to ask and how to keep our clients comfortable.
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