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A brain injury can cause long-term disability and dramatically change your life. A brain injury is an injury that affects the way your brain works. It could be anything from a mild concussion to severe trauma that can lead to death. Severe brain injury can result in loss of employment, the need for long-term medical care, and home modifications to accommodate health equipment. If you’ve suffered a brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation to help you with your medical bills and provide the things you need to achieve a good quality of life after the injury.

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Proving Negligence in a Brain Injury Case

Brain injuries can be caused by different situations including motor vehicle accidents, a blow to the head, or mistakes made during a medical procedure. When you are trying to get compensation from the person whose actions caused your injury, you will have to prove that the person acted negligently or recklessly.

Under the law, to successfully make a claim for your injury based on negligence, you must show that the person who caused the injury owed you a duty of care, they breached their duty to you, which caused you injury, and you have suffered losses because of the injury. For example, if you suffer a brain injury from a medical procedure, the medical professional who performed the procedure owes you a duty of care, whether or not they breached that duty will depend on what is expected of a medical professional with the same skill and experience in a similar situation. Your lawyer will have access to experts who are knowledgeable about the standard of care required in different situations and can help to make your case stronger.

Common Signs of a Brain Injury

Sometimes, a brain injury is not immediately apparent. Victims can go through months experiencing some difficulty before a brain injury is detected. Some of the common signs that indicate possible brain injury include nausea, persistent headaches, dizziness, intermittent loss of consciousness, or inability to concentrate. In such cases where some time has passed between the accident and the diagnosis of a brain injury, the responsible party will try to deny responsibility for the injury. Your lawyer will work with medical experts who have experience with different kinds of injuries and can help provide necessary evidence to prove your case.

Compensation Available

Each state has different rules for how to claim compensation for personal injuries including brain injuries, and how much you can claim. In the state of Colorado, the spouse or close relative of a brain injury victim can also recover compensation for loss of consortium and the cost of providing caregiver services to the injured spouse or relative. Loss of consortium takes into account the loss of companionship and moral support from the brain injury victim. Our lawyers at Purvis Thomson, LLP have helped clients throughout the state of Colorado to recover the best possible outcome in their case.

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