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Boulder police officers have a duty to uphold the law and protect the community they serve. Unfortunately, not all officers act in good faith or treat citizens with respect, committing violent acts of police brutality that lead to unjust injuries and devastating fatalities. If you or a loved one is the victim of police brutality in Boulder, the Boulder police brutality lawyers at Purvis Thomson, LLP can help you seek justice.

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What Types of Compensation Is Available to Me in My Police Brutality Case?

There may be various types of compensation for a successful police brutality claim in Boulder. This can include a range of economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are also referred to as “special damages” and refer to the quantifiable losses that individuals sustained in the aftermath of a police brutality incident. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Any ongoing medical treatment needed
  • Lost income if a person cannot work or loses their job due to the incident
  • Various out-of-pocket losses caused by the police brutality
  • Property damage expenses

Non-economic damages are also referred to as “general damages,” and these revolve around less quantifiable types of losses. We consider these damages more immeasurable because there are no bills or receipts that can be added up to quantify a person’s:

  • Physical pain and suffering caused by the incident
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

In the event you and your attorney can show that the police officer acted with ill intent, malice, or reckless disregard for your rights, you may also be able to recover punitive damages. These types of damages are designed to punish the defendant and deter others from behaving in a similar manner moving forward.

Will Your Case Have to go to Trial?

Individuals often wonder if their police brutality case will have to go to trial. After all, the last few years have been filled with news about similar types of police misconduct cases reaching the local or national spotlight as they go to trial.

The reality is that there are various factors that come into play when determining whether or not a case goes all the way to trial. It is not uncommon for police brutality cases in Colorado to be resolved through negotiated settlements with legal teams and insurance carriers. If a case is resolved through a settlement, this means that it will not have to go to trial. If the other party refuses to offer a fair settlement, it may be necessary to pursue a claim in civil court. 

However, even cases that are filed in the civil court system have a relatively low probability of going to trial. During the discovery phase of the process, both sides will exchange evidence, and it is likely that negotiations or mediation will continue in order to reach a settlement before the trial occurs. Trials, particularly those surrounding police brutality, can be time-consuming and incredibly expensive.

Legal Options for Police Brutality Victims

Incidents of police brutality can leave victims with serious physical injuries such as a brain injury and spinal injury, emotional trauma, and financial hardship. However, if you suffered violence at the hands of a Boulder police officer, you have the right to hold him or her accountable through a police brutality lawsuit. This civil action allows you to secure compensation for your losses, such as pain and suffering, medical care, lost wages, and property damage.

Many violent encounters with the police are fatal. If you lost a loved one due to police brutality, you can also file a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer and his or her employer. Through this claim, you and your family can recover compensation for funeral and burial expenses, final medical care, and any pain and suffering you or your loved ones endured due to the act of violence.

To prove your right to compensation, you will need to prove that the officer’s actions were illegal, unethical, or violated you or your loved one’s civil rights. These claims can be difficult to prove without a Boulder police brutality attorney on your side.

At Purvis Thomson, LLP, we have the tools, skills, and experience to identify acts of police brutality. We will conduct an in-depth investigation into your case and craft a compelling case in your favor, advocating for your rights during each stage of the lawsuit.

Examples of Police Brutality

Police brutality occurs when an officer uses a greater amount of physical force than necessary to control a situation. This type of violence can occur during an arrest, at a traffic stop, or even on the street when an officer has no reason to stop you. Although police officers have the legal right to use force when making an arrest or when facing a fatal threat, a disproportionate amount of force is a violation of your civil rights.

Examples of police brutality include the following.

  • Sexual abuse
  • False arrest
  • Racial profiling
  • Threats of violence
  • Physical abuse and extreme force
  • Wrongful shootings
  • Illegal search and seizures
  • Intimidation and verbal abuse
  • Failure to provide proper medical care
  • Excessive use of tasers, pepper spray, or other weapons

If you are unsure whether your encounter with the police rises to the level of brutality or excessive force, speak to a Boulder police brutality lawyer at Purvis Thomson, LLP.

Evidence Needed to Prove Police Brutality

Like other personal injury claims in Boulder, there are a variety of types of evidence that can help prove a wrongful act or negligence in a police brutality case. However, we need to point out that police brutality and misconduct cases are more challenging. As readers are likely aware, police agencies and government entities have extensive resources, and they tend to hold onto or shield evidence from becoming public. 

It is crucial for you to have an experienced Boulder police brutality attorney by your side who can examine the case and collect the evidence needed to prove liability. Some of this evidence can include:

  • The names, contact information, and statement of any eyewitnesses to the incident
  • Any camera footage of the incident (body cams, dash cams, or footage from personal or business surveillance cameras)
  • Police reports 
  • Medical records 
  • Jail records
  • Photographs taken at the scene or of the injuries afterward
  • Police department and personnel records 
  • Police officer training records

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