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Boulder property owners have a duty to ensure that their premises are safe. Unfortunately, not all owners do so, putting visitors, customers, and clients at risk. If you were injured on someone else’s property, you need an attorney on your side—and the Boulder premises liability attorneys at Purvis Thomson, LLP can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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  • Our Boulder personal injury attorneys have represented Colorado residents in their premises liability lawsuits since 1985. We will guide you through each stage of your case.
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Premises Liability Frequently Asked Questions

How Can a Boulder Lawyer Assist Me with My Premises Liability Case?

Boulder premises liability lawyers are familiar with the applicable laws that can affect your case. Colorado law establishes different legal requirements for different types of visitors on the property. An experienced Boulder premises liability lawyer can help establish your legal status on the property at the time of the accident, which can be critical to your ability to recover fair compensation.

Many premises liability claims are resolved through a settlement by the insurance company that covers the property owner’s general liability. Experienced Boulder premises liability lawyers can assist with the claims process by:

  • Ensuring you receive quality medical care for your injuries
  • Investigating the accident and identifying all potentially at-fault parties
  • Gathering evidence to show the factors that contributed to the accident
  • Reviewing accident reports and witness statements
  • Gathering photos and videos of the accident or factors that contributed to it
  • Reading through applicable insurance policies for coverage details
  • Requesting personnel records, inspection records, and other official records that can indicate the condition of the property and the property owner’s knowledge of it
  • Compiling evidence of how the accident affected you, including medical records and bills, employment records, pain journal entries, and more
  • Protecting your rights from insurance companies that may try to shift the blame for the accident on you
  • Handling communication on your behalf with insurance companies and managing case deadlines
  • Negotiating for fair compensation on your behalf

If an insurance settlement is not obtained, your Boulder premises liability lawyer with Purvis Thomson, LLP can discuss moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit.

How Long Do I Have to File a Premises Liability Claim?

Like in other states, there is a specific time limit that you have to file a personal injury claim. This is called the statute of limitations. Generally, premises liability claims must be filed within two years from the date of the accident. If this deadline passes and you have not filed a lawsuit, the court can refuse to hear your case because it is time barred.

You can protect your right to financial compensation for the losses you suffered and identify the appropriate filing deadline for your case by contacting a Boulder premises liability attorney at Purvis Thomson, LLP.

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What Should I Do After an Injury on Someone Else’s Property?

If you are injured while on someone else’s property, you can take steps to protect your legal right to financial compensation, including:

  • Reporting the accident – Inform the owner of the property or other responsible party about the accident. Many places will have a document that you can fill out. If not, you can call the police and report the incident.
  • Identifying witnesses – If there were any people around the time of your accident, ask them to stay with you. Request their names and contact information. An experienced Boulder premises liability attorney can follow up later for a recorded statement.
  • Seeking medical attention – It may be necessary to call 911 if you are injured. Sometimes, accident victims experience a sudden surge of adrenaline that initially masks symptoms of injury, so you may not realize if you are initially injured. In the days and weeks following the accident, monitor yourself for pain or other symptoms and seek medical attention promptly.
  • Documenting the scene – The scene where you were injured may be quickly cleaned up, so having photos or videos of the accident scene can be valuable evidence to show the conditions that caused your accident.
  • Keeping good records – You may start to accumulate a number of documents and other records, including medical records, bills, photos, paystubs, and other records that show the losses you suffered because of the accident. Your lawyer may also recommend keeping a daily pain journal in which you document your pain and other effects of your injuries.
  • Not discussing your case with outsiders – If you have a pending legal claim, best practice is not to discuss the matter with anyone other than your lawyer. Anything you say could potentially be brought up in your case, so it’s best not to give any power to the opposing party to use against you. Do not include any mention of the accident on social media. Do not admit any fault for the accident. Do not accept any settlement offers without first discussing it with your lawyer.
  • Consulting with an experienced lawyer – A Boulder premises liability lawyer can manage your claim and seek compensation on your behalf. They can also explain your legal rights and review your options.

Learn more by contacting us today and take advantage of a free, no-obligation case consultation.

Common Premises Liability Injuries

A premises liability claim refers to an accident that occurs due to a hazard on someone else’s property. The property owner may fail to properly maintain the premises, leave slip and fall risks lying around the grounds, or fail to provide adequate security for his or her property. In some cases, uncontrolled dogs or obstructions may also contribute to an injury.

An unsafe condition on someone else’s land can lead to a serious accident, physical harm, and emotional trauma. Some of the most common premises liability injuries include the following.

How to Prove a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Colorado

Victims of unsafe property conditions have the right to hold the owner accountable for their damages. If you were injured on someone else’s premises, you could file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against him or her. During an insurance claim, an insurance adjuster will investigate the accident and determine whether or not the policyholder is at fault.

During the lawsuit process, you will need to provide sufficient evidence that establishes the following four elements.

  • The property owner owed you a duty of care. All property owners have a duty to keep their premises in safe condition, respond to hazards in a reasonable timeframe, and warn visitors of potential dangers.
  • The property owner breached his or her duty of care through a negligent act or omission. For example, if you request a landlord to fix a broken porch and he or she ignores the request for weeks, the landlord breaches his or her duty.
  • The property owner’s breach of duty caused your accident and resulting injuries. For example, if you fall through the porch that you had requested your landlord to fix and break your leg, his or her failure to act placed you in a dangerous situation. If he or she had responded to your request in a timely manner, the accident would not have happened.
  • You suffered damages as a result of the accident that you can collect in your lawsuit. Common damages in premises liability claims include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property repairs and replacements.

The owner may defend him or herself by stating you were trespassing, that he or she did not have enough time to respond to the hazard, or that you caused the accident. A Boulder premises liability attorney can defend you against these accusations and prove your right to compensation.

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Liable Parties in a Premises Liability Case

Property owners are primarily the parties who are named in premises liability lawsuits. They typically have the legal responsibility to maintain their premises in a safe condition that prevents foreseeable injuries to others.

However, owners are not the only parties who may be legally responsible for injuries that occur on someone else’s property. Depending on the circumstances, one or more of the following parties may be responsible for the injuries you suffered because of a slip and fall:

  • Property managers – The property owner may have contracted with a third party to maintain and manage the property. The property manager may assume the responsibility of handling any premises liability claims that arise during their management.
  • Businesses – Businesses owe visitors the highest duty of care because they stand to profit from the visitor’s presence on the property. If the business or its employees fail to protect visitors from foreseeable injuries from dangerous conditions they knew about or should have reasonably known about, they may be responsible for the resulting injuries.
  • Property tenants – Those who rent a property take over some of the legal responsibility of maintaining the property. Their obligations may be outlined in their lease agreement. Generally, tenants are responsible for the portion of the property under their supervision and control, while the landlord or property owner is responsible for the common areas, such as stairwells or lobbies.
  • Maintenance and cleaning crews – In some situations, maintenance or cleaning crews hired by the property owner may create a dangerous condition on the property that is not obvious to visitors. If a visitor is injured in these situations, the maintenance or cleaning crew may be responsible for the accident.
  • Independent contractors – The property owner may hire independent contractors to perform maintenance or other services on site. They may be responsible for injuries.
  • Product manufacturers – If a slip and fall accident was due to a defective product such as a ladder, scaffolding, or warped floor, the product manufacturer may be responsible for the injuries.
  • Government entities – The government may be responsible for accidents that occur on public property.

Ultimately, anyone whose negligence contributed to your injuries may be legally responsible for your accident. It can sometimes be difficult to determine all parties who may have contributed to premises liability accidents. An experienced Boulder premises liability attorney can conduct a thorough investigation to determine how the accident occurred and who is responsible for it. You can learn more by calling us today for a free case review.

Determining Visitor Status in Premises Liability

Colorado law differentiates between trespassers, licensees, and invitees in premises liability claims. The legal status of the visitor impacts the responsibility the property owner owed the visitor at the time of the accident and, therefore, whether the property owner violated the applicable duty of care.

To understand the distinctions, it is essential to first understand what these terms mean.

A trespasser is defined under Colorado law as someone who enters or remains on property without the owner’s consent.

A licensee is someone who enters or remains on property for their own purposes. The owner can provide either express consent, in which they clearly allow the visitor to enter the property, or implied consent, such as where consent can be inferred from the circumstances.

An invitee is someone who enters or remains on property to conduct business for the mutual benefit of them and the property owner. Invitees can also be those who are invited or permitted on public property.

Under Colorado premises liability laws, property owners owe the following legal duties to these types of visitors:

  • Trespasser – Property owners must simply avoid willfully or deliberately harming trespassers.
  • Licensee – Property owners must warn licensees about dangerous conditions on the property they know about and to use reasonable care to avoid creating dangers on their property.
  • Invitee – Property owners must warn invitees about dangerous conditions on the property they know about and must take steps to discover unknown dangerous conditions through the exercise of reasonable care and warn invitees about them or remedy them so they do not harm them.

An experienced Boulder premises liability lawyer can review your case and help establish the legal responsibilities the property owner owed you at the time of the accident.

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