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Effects Of Brain Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 3 million Americans currently live with a brain injury and need long-term help performing day to day activities. These statistics are incredibly high. And physicians are constantly uncovering new long-term effects linked to these injuries.

It is imperative that an attorney stays current with ongoing research and developments. At Purvis Thomson, LLP, our Boulder-based law firm imparts this information to all of our clients and their families.

There is no known cure for traumatic brain injury and the effects of moderate to severe brain injuries can have a long-term impact on the victim and their families.

Area Of Impact Can Affect Long-Term Effects

  • Brain stem — Disorientation, frustration, anger; and in severe cases of brain injury, coma
  • Temporal lobe — Behavior disorders, seizures
  • Frontal lobe — Decreased judgment, increased impulsivity

Five key skills can also be affected on a long-term basis that may make it impossible to continue in a chosen career or participate in enjoyable activities. Here are some long-term symptoms to watch for:

  • Cognitive — Poor concentration, confusion, memory loss; difficulty learning new concepts, solving problems, making decisions, planning, and judgment; loss of vision, hearing, taste, and sense of touch
  • Language — Difficulty speaking and performing mathematical operations resulting in anger and frustration
  • Motor — Lack of coordination, muscle contractions, Parkinson’s disease
  • Physical — Lack of balance, coordination, strength and fine motor skills; seizures
  • Emotional — Depression, anxiety, moodiness, insomnia, confusion, frustration and agitation

The family of brain injury victims also feels long-term effects as well. The person’s personality can become different, and they can develop different habits and moods which can be unnerving. Severe brain injury cases will require intense treatment, rehabilitation and long-term care. Sometimes a family is not equipped to handle these brain injury long-term effects at home.

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