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Concussions And Sports-Related Injuries

Adults are far from immune from sports injuries — recent news reports of concussions and other serious injuries of professional athletes is testimony to the potential dangers, even when the best available protective equipment is used. And out of about 30 million children and teens who participate in organized sports, about 3 million injuries occur each year, accounting for almost one-third of all childhood injuries.

The good news is that many sports injuries are relatively minor — participants typically return to their preferred sports quickly after sprains and strains. But when the head or spine is injured, even an injury that initially seems minor can develop into a permanent debilitating condition.

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It makes sense to put safety first when you or your children have a significant sports accident. Even if no symptoms are immediately apparent, have a trusted doctor conduct a full examination as soon as possible. And whenever an accident occurs that was caused by the negligence of others, contact our injury lawyers to help you pursue all compensation you deserve for the related expenses.

How Is Fault Determined?

Participating in sports can be fun, and it can often instill important values and teamwork in your children. But most sports have some inherent risks that can make injuries unavoidable over time. Adults may not be at fault for their own injuries if they are subjected to severe attacks by other players — or even if a sporting facility is not properly maintained. Children are subject to a greater possibility that someone else may be responsible for their injuries, such as in the following examples:

  • Pressure to participate during dangerous weather conditions
  • Improper safety training — or lack of safety equipment — before participating in dangerous sports
  • Lack of sufficient supervision in organized sporting events or training sessions

In Colorado, pursuing compensation requires victims to prove liability on the part of all parties responsible — and the percentage for which each party is liable.

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If you or your child is involved in a sports accident, seek medical attention immediately.

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