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Accident Injuries Due To Car Seats And Air Bags

Car accidents are terrifying and can be made much worse when the products we assume will keep us safe fail. Equipment such as air bags and car seats are meant to protect us, but defects can lead to catastrophic injuries. It is especially devastating when a product failure leads to a child’s pain.

At Purvis Thomson, LLP, our skilled personal injury lawyers offer the experience required to handle complex cases involving products liability. Our attorneys have represented personal injury clients in Colorado since 1985. They have the compassion to handle your painful experience with care and the deep legal knowledge to get the best possible case results.

Is Your Child’s Car Seat Defective?

Parents already have so much to worry about, they should be able to depend on the safety of children’s car seats. Unfortunately, products are often recalled and some manufacturers do not catch all the mistakes. Car seats can be defective due to weak structures, buckles that do not clip correctly, faulty latches or many other issues.

The result can lead to serious injuries to your child during an accident. Our attorneys have experience representing injury cases involving defective car seats and can help your family reach rightful compensation.

Some Safety Features Are Not Safe At All

While air bags may prevent you from being thrown from a vehicle, they can sometimes cause major injuries. Vehicle air bags deploy quickly and forcefully in accidents. The force can cause head and neck injuries. Some air bags can cause burns and chemical irritations. In some cases, a vehicle may malfunction and the air bag may not deploy at all during an accident.

Some defective air bags, such as the Takata air bags, have been linked to numerous injuries and at least 16 deaths. These air bags are potentially fatal bombs ready to go off. People who have suffered air bag injuries can seek compensation in a products liability lawsuit.

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Both car seat and air bag injury claims are complicated and the burden of proof can be difficult to prove. It is important to have a skilled attorney on your side. Our lawyers can help you seek justice after a defective product injured you or your loved ones. Call 303-442-3366 today or email us to arrange an appointment at our Boulder or Denver offices.