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Trusted Counsel For Defective Vehicle Parts

Every day people unknowingly drive with defective vehicle parts that could cause serious accidents. When a motor vehicle malfunctions due to a defective part, passengers and drivers can both incur critical injuries — some possibly fatal.

At the Colorado firm of Purvis Thomson, LLP, our skilled attorneys dedicate themselves to assisting victims of injuries due to dangerous defects. Our years of experience defending victims can help recover damages to help pay hospital bills, lost income and other expenses, helping you and your family move on. We also advocate for families who have lost someone in a crash caused by defective auto parts.

Acknowledged Attorneys In Products Liability Law

Having secured close to a $3 million verdict in 2013 against Ford Motor Company for a faulty driver’s seat, our lawyers are committed to helping the injured in crashes due to defective auto components.

We handle automobile and truck defective part cases involving:

  • SUV rollovers
  • Tire blowouts
  • Tire manufacture errors
  • Roof crush incidents
  • Defective air bags

You rely on your car every day for safe transportation. You follow the laws and assume you are a safe driver. Sustaining injuries due to a vehicle malfunction or defective part is not your fault. We will diligently defend your case and handle all the legal details to fight for just compensation.

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