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Injuries Are Becoming More Common From Inflatable Structures And Trampolines

Inflatable structures and trampolines are common additions to birthdays, summer holidays and church festivities. Inflatable bounce houses and slides are becoming especially popular at children’s parties. Kids love them but parents often worry for their child’s safety. Increasing news coverage on inflatable toy injuries shows that parents have something to be concerned about.

According to the latest data by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 113,272 people were treated for emergency injuries related to inflatables from 2003 to 2013, and the numbers continue to compile faster than ever. Inflatable castles, known as bounce houses or moon bounces, attribute to 90 percent of these injuries.

Was Your Child’s Injury Preventable?

If your child was injured while playing on an inflatable structure or a trampoline, then medical costs and lasting pain can be overwhelming. You do not need to carry these burdens alone. You may be able to seek compensation if your child was injured due to any of the following issues:

There have been a number of cases where bounce houses were improperly installed, causing winds to sweep the inflatable structures away, resulting in injuries. In a recent case, a boy was carried away by winds in an inflatable bounce house, ending up on a dangerous highway.

Standing Up For You After An Inflatable Or Trampoline Injury

You and your family are not alone in recovery after an accident. We can help you cover the cost of hospital bills, medication, pain and suffering. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have been recognized as some of the Best Lawyers in America for many years. They understand the most effective approach to injury cases in order to reach rightful compensation for injuries.

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