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Inflatable Toy Injury Lawyer

Inflatable structures like bounce houses and slides have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are a common fixture at children’s parties, school events and other festivities. Most children are eager to hop inside these structures and defy gravity.

When maintained, installed and supervised properly, these inflatables can be a ton of fun. However, there are many complications that can arise and lead to serious accidents. At Purvis Thomson, LLP, we represent the victims of accidents caused by unsafe bounce houses and other inflatable amusement devices.

Bounce House Accident Attorneys Serving Denver And Boulder

Accident claims arising from dangerous recreational structures are complex. There are many factors that can be considered negligent and give rise to a personal injury claim. Many parties may be held responsible for a bounce house injury, including:

  • Manufacturers and distributors — If the structure itself has a design or manufacturing defect, the manufacturer may be responsible for any injuries that result. Our attorneys are experienced in investigating complex cases involving dangerous products and seeking justice for accident victims.
  • Property owners — Property owners who have a bounce house or similar structure on their property may be found liable for injuries resulting from the structure’s use if it causes an injury. Under the doctrine of premises liability, property owners are responsible for ensuring guests do not face undue risk when visiting.
  • Installers and operators — The people who install inflatables are responsible for making sure they are securely put together and affixed to the ground. Those who supervise their use or operate them are expected to take reasonable precautions to prevent accidents.
  • Equipment owners — The owners of these structures have a responsibility to educate renters and operators about their safe use.

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