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Personal Injury Lawsuits

You have the right to a lawsuit if you have been injured in an accident or by someone’s negligence. No two injuries or accidents are exactly the same. No two personal injury lawsuits will be the same either.

When you meet with our attorneys, we will advise you of your legal rights and give you an introduction to the Colorado court system. To successfully achieve the compensation you deserve, we have to prove someone was at fault. That could have happened through an accident, professional malpractice or negligence. We will have to show how this injury has had a financial impact on you and your family by loss of earnings, medical bills, treatment and rehabilitation expenses, and other fees incurred by you or your family.

The Different Types Of Damages

Damages are the type of compensation you may receive. The damages in injury lawsuit settlements are:

  • Economic losses — damages for economic loss include medical expenses, lost pay and benefits, including losses in the future.
  • Noneconomic losses — damages for injuries where a dollar amount can’t be easily calculated; for example, pain and suffering, shortened life expectancy, and loss of a loved one.
  • Permanent impairment — damages for a permanent injury like loss of use of a limb.
  • Exemplary or punitive — damages awarded over and above special and general damages to punish someone’s deliberate or malevolent misconduct.

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