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Representation For Injuries In Scooter Accidents

Scooters are sensible, fun forms of transportation that can help you reach a destination in the city a lot quicker, and without using a car. In the Denver area, app-based, smart-mobility companies like Bird and Lime are making motorized scooters more convenient and more popular. Simply locate one of their scooters in the city, pay for it from the app and get off when you have reached your destination.

Unfortunately, a motorized scooter accident can cause devastating injuries. There are also instances where people are harmed by tripping over them on sidewalks. If you sustained injuries in either way, you need to seek professional, experienced legal help from the lawyers at Purvis Thomson, LLP. Our experience in scooter accidents and can help you recover monetary damages and heal.

Smart Solutions For Obtaining Compensation

Our deep knowledge and experience in the area of personal injury assist injured clients in getting the compensation needed to cover medical bills and lost income after scooter collisions. We offer intelligent legal options to help you move forward.

We help you pursue monetary compensation for several types of damages, including:

  • Past, current and future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Lost earning capacity

Whether the accident was with a scooter or bicycle, our skilled Colorado attorneys can offer a strong strategy and defense for your claim, providing peace of mind. Decades of legal experience includes advocating for clients’ medical treatment, rehabilitation and personal injury claims.

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