Boulder Jury Allows Almost $3 Million in Damages Against Ford

On Friday, March 22, 2013, a Boulder jury awarded Forrest Walker, former co-owner of Alta Physical Therapy almost $3 million in damages for injuries he suffered in a rear-end collision which occurred on September 20, 2009.

In the auto collision, the front seat in Mr. Walker’s 1998 Ford Explorer collapsed and he was thrown head first into the rear seat of the vehicle. As a result he suffered debilitating injuries to his upper neck and a mild traumatic brain injury. Mr. Walker’s doctors found him to be permanently disabled and unable to work again.

Specifically, the jury allowed $2,471,222.22 for economic losses, $141,428.51 for non-economic losses, and $303,320.57 for permanent physical impairment damages Mr. Walker suffered as a result of his seatback collapsing in the collision.

Mr. Walker was represented at trial by John Purvis and Mike Thomson of Purvis Thomson, LLP.

John Purvis, Mr. Walker’s attorney, explained after the verdict, “This verdict makes a loud statement that this community will hold large corporations responsible for putting unsafe products out into the market.” Mike Thomson added, “Mr. Walker’s seat collapsed in a rear end collision that did not even break the rear windows of the vehicle. I am very pleased for Mr. Walker. And very proud that our community stood up for him in this verdict.”