Colorado’s Lane-Splitting Laws

Posted On March 17, 2024 I Motor Vehicle Accidents

Lane splitting is the practice of operating a motorcycle in between two rows of slower-moving or stopped traffic. When you see motorcyclists practice lane splitting, this means they are traveling down the center line and between the two lanes of …

Safety Gear for Colorado Motorcyclists

Posted On March 4, 2024 I Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcyclists in Colorado have incredible spaces to ride. However, whether you are heading out for a scenic buzz around the state or simply heading from point A to point B, we want you to stay safe in the event you …

Preparing Vehicles for Colorado’s Changing Seasons

Posted On December 28, 2023 I Motor Vehicle Accidents

Colorado winters are something many of us are used to. However, for those newer to the area or drivers just passing through, the changing seasons in Colorado can present significant challenges on the roadway. As we approach the colder months …

Car Inspection Laws in Colorado

Posted On November 14, 2022 I Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers may need a car inspection if they operate the vehicle in Colorado. Some rules are in place to protect the state from smog emissions. Sometimes they are difficult to keep straight. But we at Purvis and Thompson, are

Who is At Fault in a Chain-Reaction Car Accident?

Posted On April 27, 2022 I Motor Vehicle Accidents,Personal Injury

Chain-reaction collisions often result in significant injuries and extensive property damage. In general, individuals should be able to recover compensation after an accident caused by another driver, but establishing liability after a chain-reaction collision can be challenging. Here, we want

What Information Should I Exchange After a Car Accident

Posted On April 15, 2022 I Motor Vehicle Accidents,Personal Injury

If you or somebody you care about has been injured or sustained property damage in a car accident caused by another driver in Colorado, there are various types of information that you need to exchange right after the incident occurs.

Sharing the road with inexperienced RV drivers

Posted On May 21, 2021 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

With summer quickly approaching, it is not uncommon to see huge RVs sharing the road with much smaller passenger vehicles. As Colorado is both a destination and a popular conduit to other vacation spots, commuters will likely see dramatically increased …