Safety Gear for Colorado Motorcyclists

Posted On March 4 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcyclists in Colorado have incredible spaces to ride. However, whether you are heading out for a scenic buzz around the state or simply heading from point A to point B, we want you to stay safe in the event you are involved in a motorcycle accident. One of the main aspects of motorcyclist safety includes the gear they choose before getting on their bike. Here, we want to review some of the most important safety gear for Colorado motorcyclists.

Essential Safety Gear

We want to highlight five important types of safety gear Colorado motorcyclists can most certainly benefit from:

  • Helmet. The cornerstone of motorcycle safety gear is the helmet. In Colorado, wearing a helmet is about more than just compliance with safety standards. This is about protecting your head in the unpredictable event of a crash. A full-face helmet is recommended as it offers complete protection against the elements and potential road debris. For cold Colorado winters, ensure the helmet is well-insulated and has anti-fog visors for clear visibility.
  • Jacket. A sturdy motorcycle jacket is excellent for protection against abrasions in case of falls and to keep the chill at bay (which is absolutely necessary during certain times of the year here in CO). Look for jackets with built-in armor for added protection for your back, shoulders, and elbows. Materials like leather or reinforced synthetic fabrics work well. For seasonal versatility, consider a jacket with removable thermal layers and adequate ventilation for warmer days.
  • Gloves. Protecting your hands is a priority, not just from potential injury but also from the cold and wind, especially during Colorado’s brisk mornings and cold winter months. Opt for gloves that offer both warmth and protection. Look for features like waterproof materials, reinforced palms, and knuckle guards. Heated gloves can be a game-changer for winter riding.
  • Pants. Like jackets, motorcycle pants should offer protection from abrasions and impacts. Many motorcycle pants come with armor padding around the knees and hips and are made from durable materials like Kevlar or leather. For added convenience, consider pants with a waterproof layer to keep you dry during sudden Colorado rain or snow showers.
  • Boots. Motorcycle boots provide essential ankle support and protect against road burn and impacts. Choose boots with non-slip soles, ankle protection, and a waterproof coating to handle Colorado’s snow and rain. Ensure they fit snugly and offer enough warmth for cooler rides.

Seasonal Considerations

Since we are in Colorado and have fairly distinct seasons, we want to touch on cold and warm weather riding:

  • Cold Weather Riding. Colorado’s winters can be harsh, making proper insulation a priority. Layering is key—thermal undergarments can significantly increase your comfort on cold rides. Additionally, consider investing in heated gear, such as jackets, pants, and gloves, which can be connected to your motorcycle’s battery for continuous warmth.
  • Warm Weather Riding. Colorado’s summers, while beautiful, can get quite warm. To avoid overheating, look for gear with good ventilation. Mesh jackets and pants allow air to circulate while still providing protection. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to exposed skin to protect against sunburn.

Safety Beyond The Gear

While having the right gear is critical for safety, Colorado motorcyclists should also be mindful of their riding practices. Regular maintenance checks on your motorcycle, staying visible on the road, and practicing defensive riding techniques are all essential safety measures. Additionally, consider taking a motorcycle safety course to refine your skills and knowledge.  If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle accident, a Denver personal injury lawyer may be able to help.