Accessible Transportation Options for Spinal Injury Patients in Colorado

Posted On April 30, 2024 I Personal Injury,Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injury victims often struggle with transportation options after their injury occurs. This is particularly true for those who sustain short- or long-term paralysis and do not have a vehicle that can safely and comfortably transport them from one …

How Much Compensation Could I Receive for a Spinal Injury?

Posted On May 22, 2022 I Personal Injury,Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries occur in a wide variety of ways, and they can lead to varying levels of disabilities. Often, these injuries are considered catastrophic injuries. Spinal cord trauma can lead to a person sustaining lifelong disabilities that require

What is an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury?

Posted On May 8, 2022 I Blog,Personal Injury,Spinal Cord Injuries

When most people think of spinal cord injuries, they think of trauma that results in a person becoming paralyzed, either partially or completely. However, there is something called an incomplete spinal cord injury that does not completely sever the spinal

Trauma may result in Brown-Séquard syndrome

Posted On September 10, 2015 I Firm News,Spinal Cord Injuries

Colorado residents may know a sudden injury to the back or neck might result in a syndrome called Brown-Séquard. This syndrome causes a loss of sensory input, muscle weakness and paralysis. Prompt diagnosis may help in treating the symptoms; however, …

Researchers study pressure ulcers with computer simulation

Posted On August 17, 2015 I Firm News,Spinal Cord Injuries

Patients in Colorado with spinal cord injuries are more vulnerable to pressure ulcers due to their impaired movement. Pressure ulcers are lesions that develop on patients’ bodies when they spend a great deal of time lying down. According to a …

Study approved for clinical trials to assist motor function

Posted On August 10, 2015 I Firm News,Spinal Cord Injuries

Colorado residents may know that a spinal cord injury may impact motor function and dramatically impact an individual’s life. However, a team being led by an engineer from Stanford has developed a brain-controlled device that may allow a motor-impaired individual …

What are spinal cord injuries?

Posted On October 2, 2014 I Firm News,Spinal Cord Injuries

Colorado residents may know the difficulties encountered by patients who have suffered spinal cord injuries. These injuries can result in changes in sensation, strength and other function below the level of the spinal injury. The most common mechanism is trauma …