Colorado Curfew Laws

Posted On September 14, 2022 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Curfews are a way for government officials and law enforcement officers to ensure safety for a particular jurisdiction. Around the country, curfews were put into place for various reasons, often during disasters or times of social unrest. Additionally, there are

Colorado Jaywalking Laws

Posted On June 25, 2022 I Firm News,Personal Injury

Crossing a street where there is no crosswalk, most commonly known as jaywalking, can lead to significant hardship for individuals, particularly if they cross in front of a reckless driver. Additionally, individuals who jaywalk in Colorado could face a traffic

Partner Mike Thomson Admitted as a Member of the American Board of Trial Advocates

Posted On June 6, 2022 I Firm News

Mike Thomson, a partner at Purvis Thomson, LLP was recently admitted as a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA).  ABOTA is an elite association of experienced trial attorneys and judges who are dedicated to the preservation …

Sharing the road with inexperienced RV drivers

Posted On May 21, 2021 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

With summer quickly approaching, it is not uncommon to see huge RVs sharing the road with much smaller passenger vehicles. As Colorado is both a destination and a popular conduit to other vacation spots, commuters will likely see dramatically increased …

Paying medical bills after a motor vehicle accident

Posted On May 18, 2021 I Blog,Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Colorado, you might be worried about how you will pay your medical bills. You may have visited the emergency room after the accident, or you might have spent some time …

Car accident injuries are often more serious than they seem

Posted On April 19, 2021 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Thousands of Colorado residents are involved in automobile accidents each year, and many of them do not realize how badly they were injured until hours, days, or even weeks have passed. Sometimes this is because the adrenaline the body releases …

Dangerous times for teens to drive

Posted On March 26, 2021 I Blog,Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Once a teenager receives his or her driver’s license, he or she will likely be exceedingly eager to get on the road. However, due to teens’ age and inexperience, it can be very dangerous for them to be driving during …