Paying medical bills after a motor vehicle accident

Posted On May 18 2021 | Blog,Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Colorado, you might be worried about how you will pay your medical bills. You may have visited the emergency room after the accident, or you might have spent some time in the hospital if the accident was more severe. The cost can mount quickly.

Who is at fault?

If you are at fault in an accident, you may be responsible for your own bills, and you might need to have the right auto insurance to cover those bills. If the other driver were at fault, you may be able to seek reimbursement through their insurance company although this could mean that you first must pay the bills.

Issues getting compensation

Although this seems straightforward, there are a few ways that seeking payment for expenses can get complicated fast. There might be a dispute about who caused the motor vehicle accident. The other driver might be uninsured or underinsured. Another issue that may arise is a dispute about the nature of the injuries and if they were caused by the accident. This can be a particular problem with some types of injuries, such as whiplash and traumatic brain injury, that may not lead to immediate symptoms. If there is a delay of a few days or a few weeks before symptoms of a TBI start, the other driver’s insurance company may try to argue that the injury is unrelated.

Seeking legal assistance

For these reasons, you may want to contact an attorney after a motor vehicle accident. An attorney might be able to help you with the steps you need to take to protect yourself and may negotiate with the insurance company. There may also be situations in which it is necessary to file a lawsuit to get the money owed. In addition to medical expenses, you might also be facing lost wages if you have had to take time off work to recover, and an attorney might be able to help you get this compensation as well.