Essential safety tips for winter driving

Posted On December 10, 2020 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Colorado natives are no strangers when it comes to driving in winter weather conditions. That said, severe weather during the winter months and slick road conditions contribute to nearly half a million car accidents and over 2,000 fatalities every season, …

What not to do after a car accident happens

Posted On October 31, 2020 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

While you may take steps to minimize your risk of being in an accident, there is no guarantee that others will be as careful. In 2010, there were 2.24 million traffic accidents that resulted in injuries, according to the National …

Can an attorney counter a lowball settlement offer?

Posted On October 12, 2020 I Firm News

You got into a car accident and it seemed pretty cut and dried that the other driver was at fault. You figured that you could handle the claims process and get a fair settlement that accurately addressed your injuries and …

3 red flags that you have a brain injury after a crash

Posted On October 1, 2020 I Firm News

As a victim of a crash, you may feel stunned. You might be dazed or slightly confused about what just happened to you. The scene of a crash can be frightening and bustling with activity as people check on the …

Airbag settlement finally made in Takata case

Posted On September 10, 2020 I Firm News

When there is a defective product on the market, that product could be putting people at risk of injury. Take, for example, cases of faulty airbag systems. If an airbag does not deploy as intended, then it could result in …

Buying a new car? Safety ratings and tests can help keep you safe

Posted On August 10, 2020 I Firm News

Vehicles today are designed to help keep people safe in crashes. One of the things you should look for if you intend to buy a new vehicle is the side-impact rating.

Many collisions that happen involve side impacts. A crash …

Using your motorcycle on summer nights? Protect yourself

Posted On August 7, 2020 I Firm News

Riding at night is one of the most enjoyable times on your motorcycle. For you, seeing the nightlife in Boulder is relaxing, and you like the buzz of people at bars and local events.

You’re also aware that riding a …