Airbag settlement finally made in Takata case

Posted On September 10 2020 | Firm News

When there is a defective product on the market, that product could be putting people at risk of injury. Take, for example, cases of faulty airbag systems. If an airbag does not deploy as intended, then it could result in someone suffering severe injuries in a car crash.

The news recently announced that Attorney General Josh Kaul reported that there will be a multistate settlement with Honda for $85 million. That money will be used to compensate those who were victims of the concealed safety issues with frontal airbag systems in some Acura and Honda vehicles. These systems were both designed and manufactured by the Takata Corporation.

You may have heard of this issue before, because it has been in the news for years. The settlement is just the next step toward getting victims the compensation that they deserve for the concealed issues with their vehicles and any injuries that they suffered.

What was wrong with the frontal airbag systems?

The report states that the company hid information about problems with the airbag system. A multistate investigation found that the frontal airbags could rupture, which would then allow metal fragments to enter the passenger area of the vehicle. As of Sept. 9, 2020, 14 people have been killed and over 200 people have been injured as a result of the airbag defects.

Who is included in this multistate settlement?

According to a Sept. 8 report, the settlement includes payments that will be sent to all 48 states as well as United States territories and the District of Columbia.

When defects cause injuries, multiple parties may be to blame

When you are injured because of a defect with your vehicle, there may be multiple people or businesses that you can hold accountable. That’s why many people turn to the law to look into legal options for pursuing compensation.

For example, if a defect happened because of a design flaw, then you may be able to hold the designer, manufacturer and even the retailers responsible for the sale of a product with safety issues. Every case is different, so you may want to look into the specifics of a recall and to talk to your attorney about pursuing a claim.