Can an attorney counter a lowball settlement offer?

Posted On October 12 2020 | Firm News

You got into a car accident and it seemed pretty cut and dried that the other driver was at fault. You figured that you could handle the claims process and get a fair settlement that accurately addressed your injuries and other losses and covered your medical bills.

What a disappointment it was to realize that the insurance company had no intention of honoring the true value of your claim for damages. You wonder if a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney could improve your chances at getting the full value for your case.

Attorneys can hold their feet to the fire

Once you retain an attorney, insurance companies tend to sit up and take real notice of your claim because they know that it is likely that a lawsuit is sure to follow if they keep lowballing your claim for damages.

While any individual can file a lawsuit in proper person, few claimants actually do. Lawsuits are expensive and rely on strict procedures with which few non-attorneys are familiar. But your personal injury lawyer can definitely increase your chances of a higher and more comprehensive settlement.

They know the true value of your claim

Another advantage to having an attorney at the helm of your case is that they understand the true value of your case and can cite case law to back up the figures they seek in your claim for damages.

They know what the ballpark numbers are for pain and suffering in your area for similar injuries. They can arrange for medically-expert testimony that will include your need for future medical treatment, including surgeries. These outcomes and numbers can be challenging for a person with little knowledge about the inner workings of personal injury cases.

Seek a case evaluation from a reputable attorney

Never be too eager to accept the first check that is offered to you by an insurance adjuster. Instead, tell them you will get back in touch with them.

Then, ask a reputable Boulder personal injury attorney to review your case and determine whether the settlement is a fair one. If the attorney isn’t likely to increase their offer significantly, they will tell you to go on and accept the insurance offer.

But chances are good that you are being intentionally low-balled. Then, an attorney can be invaluable in assisting you with getting the full value for your personal injury claim.