Nearly 140 Americans die each day from brain injuries

Posted On May 8 2014 | Brain Injury,Firm News

The human brain is a vital and complex organ that serves as the body’s control center. Not only is the human brain responsible for regulating all bodily processes, but parts of the brain control emotions and personality traits as well as the ability to learn, retain and process information. It’s not surprising; therefore, that an injury to the brain can have serious consequences and result in an individual suffering devastating and life-altering injuries.

Annually, an estimated 2.5 million Americans seek medical attention after suffering a brain injury. Some of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries include falls, suffering a blow to the head and involvement in a car accident. Recent statistics show that every day, an estimated 138 U.S. men, women and children die after suffering a brain injury.

For individuals who suffer a head injury, prompt medical attention is critical. While it’s often difficult to diagnose the severity of a brain injury, doctors can work to stabilize an individual and ensure additional injury and damage does not occur. Symptoms associated with a brain injury can vary greatly in severity from headaches and blurred vision to seizures and serious cognitive impairments.

Car accidents are the third most common cause of brain injuries. When a car accident occurs, drivers and passengers may hit their heads, suffer a blow to the head or suffer whiplash. These types of injuries are serious and annually account for an estimated 26 percent of all TBI-related deaths. For individuals who have suffered a TBI as a result of a car accident, the long-term side effects of a brain injury may persist for weeks, months or even years.

As the full effects of a brain injury become known; medical costs mount and an individual may be unable to work or even care for themselves. For individuals facing this situation, a personal injury lawsuit may aid in recovering compensation related to medical expenses and lost wages.

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