Fatal crash caused by woman who fell asleep at the wheel

Posted On June 30 2014 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

On June 21, at approximately 7:25 a.m., a fatal accident took place on Interstate 25 near Walsenburg, Colorado. Authorities report that a woman fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into another vehicle. The accident left one dead and two others injured.

Police say that a 28-year-old woman fell asleep while driving and drifted onto the left side of the road. She woke back up and quickly moved her Chevrolet Cobalt back to the right. However, she failed to see the Chrysler Sebring that was driving next to her. As she was moving her vehicle over, she hit the car, causing the Chrysler to spin out of control before it flipped over and ejected a passenger.

The 37-year-old passenger died at the scene of the crash. The 19-year-old driver and a teen passenger were taken to a local hospital for their injuries. The driver believed to be at fault was not injured, and reports indicated that she was wearing a seat belt at the time. Authorities are still investigating the incident, and no details were immediately given regarding potential charges. Drugs and alcohol are not determined to be factors in this crash.

Those injured in motor vehicle accidents may be entitled to file a claim for their damages that may include medical expenses, lost wages and even pain and suffering. The driver at fault could be held liable, and an attorney may assist a victim through the process of filing a case against the driver. The attorney may also examine evidence collected by police to determine if the at-fault driver was negligent.

Source: Fox 21 News, “Woman falls asleep at the wheel, causing deadly crash”, June 21, 2014