Man cited in fatal Colorado crash

Posted On August 7 2014 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Following an accident in which a 91-year-old woman and two others were killed the morning of July 30, authorities announced they have cited a resident of Delta for reckless driving. The wreck reportedly occurred when the Nissan SUV the elderly woman was riding in was hit by the man, who was driving a Toyota, at about 10:25 a.m. on U.S. Highway 550 north of Durango. The southbound 2008 Toyota had drifted into oncoming traffic when it collided with the 2002 Nissan. The 60-year-old driver of the Nissan and a 33-year-old passenger in the Toyota both suffered serious injuries while two 61-year-old male passengers in the Toyota were also killed in the accident.

Police say that the accident is under investigation and that neither drugs nor alcohol were believed to have played a role in it. There was no word as to the condition of the 60-year-old man driving the Toyota, but police did say that he was cited for multiple counts of reckless driving causing death as well as multiple counts of reckless driving that caused injury.

Motor vehicle accidents that result in the death of a loved one are never easy to handle. While money may never heal the pain of losing a loved one, the driver who caused the crash may be liable for punitive damages and final expenses to the family of those who are killed in an accident. This may make it easier to provide a proper burial or provide for the financial well-being of any dependents left behind.

Talking to a personal injury attorney may be worthwhile for anyone who wishes to pursue a wrongful death suit against the driver who took the life of a loved one. The attorney may be able to win a financial award at trial or negotiate a settlement that may avoid a trial and end the case as quickly as possible. This may provide closure for the family and allow them to start the healing process.

Source: The Denver Post, “Driver of car in fatal crash near Durango cited in incident“, Kieran Nicholson, July 31, 2014