Some typical causes of commercial truck accidents

Posted On September 8 2014 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Colorado residents might wish to learn about some of the most common causes of commercial truck accidents. Because commercial trucks are generally much larger than passenger vehicles, they can be a great danger to drivers on the road if they are not operated safely. At the same time, mistakes made by the drivers of smaller vehicles can result in catastrophic accidents if a large commercial truck is nearby.

Some of the most common types of truck accidents are those that are caused by passenger car drivers who are ignorant about truck safety. Drivers may mistakenly enter a truck’s blind spot, change lanes in front of a truck without providing sufficient headway or attempt to make a left turn in front of a truck after misjudging the truck’s speed.

Truck drivers and the trucking companies that hire them can be equally responsible for causing motor vehicle accidents on busy highways. One of the most common reasons a truck driver or trucking company might be blamed for an accident is when a driver has not received sufficient training about safety precautions and driving techniques. Other reasons include poor planning and scheduling that encourages a truck driver to work for unrealistically long hours and drive at unsafe speeds.

An individual who has been injured in a truck accident might not be initially aware of what caused the accident or who is at fault. While the investigation is underway, a personal injury attorney might be able to assist an injured victim to gather all of the documentation that could be used to build a strong personal injury claim.

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