Toys that pose hazards to children

Posted On December 8 2014 | Firm News,Products Liability

Parents in Colorado might be interested in a national research center’s study, spanning more than 20 years, on injuries related to children’s toys. The center found that injuries rose almost 40 percent between the years 1990 and 2011 and that there is a toy-related injury among U.S. children every three minutes.

Most of the injuries caused by toys affected children under five, and choking hazards are the biggest concern for children under three, according to the research center. Reportedly, riding toys pose a significant threat to children ages five and up, accounting for 42 percent of their toy-related injuries.

Riding toys include bikes, wagons and tricycles. However, according to the study, foot-powered scooters cause a significant portion of the injuries. Injuries from riding toys can be serious, authorities say. They are purportedly three times more likely than other toys to cause dislocation or a broken bone.

Parents can protect children when using potentially harmful toys by keeping a close eye on them when they are playing with riding toys or toys with small parts, according to the research center. Authorities say that children should learn about safe spaces in which to play and the importance of wearing a helmet before playing with a riding toy. Parents can also find out about unsafe toys by checking for recalls.

While some toys carry inherent risks, parents can make an informed decision on whether these toys are appropriate for their children by reading warning labels. However, toys that lack clear instructions or sufficient warnings may result in a toy-related injury. In consequence, a lawsuit citing product liability may be filed against the responsible toy manufacturer in civil court, seeking restitution.

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