Ford Motors recalls 440,000 vehicles for safety issues

Posted On June 3 2015 | Firm News,Products Liability

On May 27, Ford announced that it was recalling more than 440,000 vehicles due to problems with their power steering as well as heat-shielding issues. According to the report, the recall involves a number of sedans, crossovers and the 2015 Ford Mustang.

The automaker is recalling Ford Taurus sedans, Flex crossovers, the Lincoln MKS and the Lincoln MKT from the model years 2011 to 2013. Additionally, Ford Fusions and the Lincoln MKZ from model years 2011 and 2012 and some 2011 Mercury Milans were also involved. The automaker stated that these particular vehicles may have an electrical glitch that could cause a loss of power steering, which potentially makes the vehicle much harder to turn. The problems has been associated with four accidents, though no injuries have been reported.

In a separate action, more than 19,000 2015 Ford Mustangs that have a 2.3-liter engine are being recalled due to a heat shield problem. Vehicle owners are being asked to bring the affected Mustangs to their dealer in order to receive a replacement part.

When automakers sell a new vehicle to the public, it is expected that the vehicle has been tested for safety. If a problem that could cause serious injuries or even death does arise, the automaker is expected to recall the vehicle in order to replace the defective parts. If the automaker fails to do this, a products liability attorney may be able to gather evidence that demonstrates that the defective auto part either caused an accident that left a person injured or that caused a person’s injuries to be more severe.

Source: USA Today, “Ford recalls more than 440,000 cars“, Chris Woodyard, May 27, 2015