MRI shows hemorrhage from traumatic brain injury

Posted On September 21 2015 | Brain Injury,Firm News

As some Colorado residents may know, traumatic brain injuries affect approximately 1.7 million people each year, and many of them are military members serving in combat zones. Being able to adequately diagnose such an injury soon after it occurs helps in treatment and in getting the ancillary care the individual may need.

According to the lead researcher in a newly published study, traumatic brain injuries are a significant problem for those serving in the military. The study aimed to determine if treatment would be affected by early use of MRI as a diagnostic tool. If this imaging tool quickened the process leading to a diagnosis of TBI, perhaps its routine use may be beneficial.

To explore the situation, the study enlisted 603 service members with a diagnosis of TBI. The MRI scan results varied significantly. In fact, those who experienced TBI more than 12 months before an MRI was done displayed test results consistent with hemorrhage 5.2 percent of the time. In contrast, those injured three months or less before the MRI showed hemorrhage at a rate of 24 percent. Using MRI scans early would assist in detection.

When a person incurs a brain injury, it is important that doctors use the best means to detect and treat it. If this is not done, the condition may worsen, with the victim suffering further harm. Those who have been adversely affected by such a failure may want to speak with an attorney to see if there is any legal recourse available. Through a review of the patient’s medical records, the attorney may determine that a medical malpractice lawsuit should be brought against the responsible parties that would seek damages for the losses caused by the failure to exhibit the appropriate standard of care.