New research into the cause of TBI

Posted On October 12 2015 | Brain Injury,Firm News

Traumatic brain injury victims in Colorado might be interested in learning more about the some of the potential causes, as described by recent research studies. The University of Maryland School of Medicine claims that the causes of chronic brain degeneration and the nature of TBI have been largely misunderstood up until now. The neurologist and assistant professor of anesthesiology who led the study concluded that long-term inflammation in the brain may be the primary cause of the neuropsychiatric and chronic brain damage issues associated with TBI.

These researchers say that inflammation issues are the main catalyst for cognitive decline, depression, brain atrophy and other symptoms attributable to TBI and mild TBI. They also contend that inflammation is a serious and common factor that gets far less attention than more rare conditions, like the chronic traumatic encephalopathy discovered among many football players. Inflammation in the brain may be ongoing for years and can cause damage that is irreversible.

Mild TBI and repeated concussions can cause enough damage to develop chronic inflammation within the brain cavity. Recent imaging studies show that a singular event involving a moderate impact on the brain or repeated mild TBI may be enough to cause cognitive issues. There have also been comprehensive studies showing that TBI patients often suffer from brain inflammation for a number of months or years following the initial injury. However, the chronic inflammation resulting from a TBI may be treated with experimental drugs or a special exercise regimen.

Although many brain injuries are caused by blows to the head in football and other contact sports, many result from other types of sudden trauma such as a car accident. A TBI victim whose injury was caused by a negligent motorist may want to pursue damages with the help of a personal injury attorney.