Mild brain injury symptoms often missed

Posted On November 13 2015 | Brain Injury,Firm News

While most Colorado residents have probably heard about the effects of serious brain injuries, many people don’t realize that even a mild concussion can leave a lasting impact. One of the most dangerous things about concussions is that a lot of people who have them don’t realize how they have been affected since the head injury occurred.

After sustaining a concussion in a car accident, sports accident or a fall, about 80 percent of people recover from the brain injury in about three weeks. The other 20 percent of people with concussions can experience more severe, long-term problems. People with a mild brain injury may become forgetful, moody and suffer from headaches. One neuropsychologist called concussions a silent epidemic, because doctors often miss the symptoms.

If the symptoms of a concussion last longer than three weeks, an accident victim may want to visit a neuropsychologist. Cognitive therapies can be used to treat concussion patients who are experiencing mild cognitive impairment. A doctor can also make sure that a person with a concussion does not have any brain bleeding or structural damage. People with concussions are typically advised to stop playing contact sports until they are completely healed, because multiple concussions can cause dementia.

A lawyer may be able to help a person who has suffered from a mild brain injury to pursue a personal injury claim against the party or parties that were responsible for their accident. A plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit will often seek reimbursement for medical expenses that have accrued because of the concussion as well as compensation for future medical treatment, lost wages and other applicable damages.