Self-driving cars challenged by human drivers

Posted On January 4 2016 | Firm News

The advent of self-driving cars has brought with it some unexpected issues, and they should be addressed before these new vehicles are ready for the streets of Colorado. Although there have been no problems reported whatsoever of dangerous driving, nor have there been any fatalities or injuries in any accident relating to self driving cars, this does not mean that there have been no accidents. As a matter of fact, reports indicate that self-driving cars seem to get into accidents approximately twice the rate of cars with drivers.

These accidents so far have been to be universally minor in nature, and the greatest threat to self-driving cars seems to be the other vehicles on the road. Authorities on this issue describe driving as a social game. This means that there are complex social expectations above and beyond what the law might demand, and robots are having trouble adapting to some of the stranger exigencies of modern driving.

For example, self driving cars have had trouble passing bicycles. The self-driving car tended to get behind the bicycle and drive slowly along with it.

The owners and operators of any vehicle are responsible for whatever damage their cars have done by failing to obey the needs of the road. If there are any motor vehicle accidents involving a self-driving car, then it may be possible to hold the manufacturer responsible for whatever harm was done to the property or the health of those who were injured. A lawyer may be able to help an injured victim file a civil suit seeking compensation from the at-fault party.

Source: Bloomberg, “Humans Are Slamming Into Driverless Cars and Exposing a Key Flaw”, Keith Naughton, Dec. 17, 2015