Is your car ready for spring?

Posted On April 15 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Winter is over, at least for now. In anticipation of spring, perhaps you have done some cleaning and touching up. Maybe you have even revamped your wardrobe. Among all you are doing, though, remember to ensure that your car is ready for spring.

This preparation is important because winter takes its toll. For example, it can leave a lot of potholes on the roads. It can also cause large puddles and flooding from melting snow. Accidents often result from these scenarios.

Wash your car

Your car could be extremely dirty, with mud, road salt and assorted odds and ends on it. This can hinder your visibility and prevent you from seeing other vehicles and pedestrians. (Speaking on a purely aesthetic note, changing your floor mats can do wonders for the look of your car’s interior.)

Get a general vehicle checkup

If you are switching from snow tires to regular tires, check that your tires have adequate tread and inflation. If you have had regular tires all along, it is time to rotate and balance them. Also get an oil change and an assessment of other parts of your car such as the brakes.

Check on your emergency kit

If you already have an emergency kit, make sure it is where it should be. Any batteries may need to be replaced, and you probably want to switch out food and clothing essentials. Your kit should have:

  • Water
  • First-aid supplies
  • Tools to change your spare tire
  • Radio
  • Work gloves
  • Flashlight

The more you drive and the further you are off the beaten path, the more care your kit needs. In a crash, it could be a life saver. Speaking of essential supplies, check that you have a current driver’s license and current insurance coverage.

Cars that are not ready for the road can be a danger to other drivers as well as to the pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists who get moving more as winter recedes. If another motorist hits you, an attorney might be able to help.