What to bring to a free consultation with an attorney

Posted On April 3 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Perhaps you are seeking advice and/or compensation after a car accident. You research attorneys and notice online that many offer free consultations, but what exactly are they?

Free consultations are sessions, often capped at 30 minutes, where you and an attorney discuss your case. It is a way for you to compare attorneys at little to no cost, and attorneys discover whether they are interested in your case. Because of the limited time, it is important to bring a few essentials so that you use every moment wisely.


For some clients, being honest may be the toughest obstacle to overcome. For example, it is natural to want to remain tight-lipped until you are absolutely sure this is the lawyer you want. However, lawyer-client confidentiality should always apply for consultations, and honesty gets both you and the prospective attorney on the same page.


No doubt you have at least some documentation related to your case. Make copies of all documents, and bring the materials to your consultation. It also helps to organize the paperwork so the more important items get discussed or shown first. You can also organize chronologically or by type of documentation if that makes more sense for your case.


A consultation is a great time to ask questions. Are you wondering how this lawyer is paid? Go ahead, and ask. All questions are on the table, and it is better to ask them now. That said, you can save the limited time for other topics by researching the lawyer’s website beforehand. For instance, you may discover that a specific firm works on contingency for personal injury, meaning that you do not need to pay anything until or if your case is won. During the consultation, all you would need to do is quickly double check this method of payment.


It is not always possible for a lawyer to know within 30 minutes whether you have a valid case, and if so, how good it is. Many attorneys like for their prospective clients to give them some time to conduct further research before the attorneys decide whether to take on a case or how much compensation may be available.

You save valuable time in a free consultation if you come prepared. To see if you qualify for compensation for your case, get in touch with an attorney today.