How to deal with road rage without injury

Posted On May 2 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any type of distracted driving can be dangerous, and road rage is considered a cognitive distraction, meaning it takes your mind off the road. Road rage behaviors include speeding, honking, brake checking, flashing headlights, tailgating and cutting others off. When you are faced with a driver who is angry, the situation can quickly turn frightening.

If you know how to handle a driver who is in the middle of a rage, you could save yourself from a tragic incident. More and more, drivers are using weapons and deadly force during simple traffic disagreements, and you must know how to protect yourself.

Set the example as a courteous driver

Mistakes will always happen, but if you work to be a courteous, safe driver, then you are less likely to come across one who is angry. If you are constantly displaying your own road rage behaviors, you may end up in a bad situation. Do not take traffic problems personally, never block the passing or turn lane, avoid obscene gestures and never make eye contact with a driver who seems angry or aggressive.

Calm the situation down

If a driver is angry with you and you act belligerent, his or her anger will quickly escalate until the situation is out of control. When you accidentally cut someone off or upset another driver, mouth to them that you are sorry, wave to them or give them plenty of room to pass you and move on. Show remorse when you have made a mistake but never allow yourself to be caught in a dangerous situation.

Know when to ask for help

Some situations spiral out of control quickly despite your best efforts. If you feel threatened or as if your life is in danger, you should always pull over and call for help. Never take on an aggressive driver on your own. Drive to a public space and call for backup when you need it.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a road rage incident, you may deserve compensation for injuries you suffered. We encourage you to seek the opinion of an attorney quickly.