How a lawyer can help you get compensation after an auto accident

Posted On June 16 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you sustained a car accident, you will probably hear from the other driver’s insurance company soon afterwards. You are only just beginning to figure out how the accident has affected you. Maybe you did not even have the opportunity to get a comprehensive checkup and proper diagnosis. Yet, the insurance representative offers you a settlement right now.

Many people may not fully understand what kind of damages they may be entitled to. They may feel tempted to accept the insurer’s offer and save themselves the hassle of pursuing a case. However, accepting a settlement at this stage, without speaking to your lawyer, can prevent you from obtaining compensation you may need to cover otherwise crippling medical expenses, earnings reductions and other losses.

Medical bills, lost earnings and other expenses

In most car accident cases, economic damages form the lion’s share of the damages award. Traumatic injuries from a crash often have serious, long-term impact. Not all injuries show up right away; a few days after the accident you may still be unaware of a serious problem because symptoms have not manifested or you mistook them for a minor issue. Nevertheless, conditions such as traumatic brain injury can take a drastic toll on your health.

Experienced lawyers know that understanding the full extent and likely impact of car wreck injuries can take some time and may need appointments with medical specialists. Lawyers may also enlist experts who can calculate likely future lost income due to a reduced or eliminated ability to work.

Pain and suffering

Colorado plaintiffs may also recover for pain and suffering. Unlike economic damages, these can be hard to assess precisely. Your lawyer knows the right factors to look at and gather into a coherent picture of how the physical and psychological pain from your injuries have affected your quality of life.

Deterrent for malicious conduct

In some rare cases, your attorney may identify the need to request punitive, or exemplary, damages if the other driver behaved recklessly or maliciously in causing the accident.

The other driver’s insurance company wants to save money, not to safeguard your interests. Early settlements generally represent the minimum they company thinks it can pay you. If you want to obtain fair compensation, you need an attorney with the knowledge and skill to identify the full range of likely damages.