You can sustain a serious injury in a low-speed collision

Posted On July 27 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you consider the serious injuries you could sustain in a car crash, you probably envision two vehicles coming together at high speeds. However, you might be in a low-speed accident and still suffer severe injuries.

Many people suffer whiplash when they are the victims of rear-end collisions. Other medical issues are possible in a low-speed crash as well, and some may not become apparent right away.

Low-impact collision results

Car crashes occur within one to two blinks of the eye. Researchers who study low-impact collisions say that at only 8 miles per hour, 5 G-force acceleration can affect the crash victim’s head within 250 milliseconds of impact. A high-speed collision often breaks the back of a car seat, which lessens the impact to the neck and back of the driver or passenger. Since the seat remains rigid in a low-impact collision, the result may be hyperextension of the cervical spine.

Soft tissue injuries

It is always wise to seek medical attention after a vehicle crash, even for what seems to be just a minor skirmish. If you have neck stiffness or pain, headache, jaw pain or blurry vision, or if you experience nausea or dizziness, a soft tissue injury may be the cause. When your body absorbs the brunt of the impact, a disc may herniate, a ligament may tear or joints may stretch. One of the most serious results of a soft tissue injury would be a traumatic brain injury.

Documenting injuries

Soft tissue injuries are challenging from a legal point of view because without objective evidence, they may be difficult to prove. The best way to establish a claim for compensation, however, is to seek immediate medical treatment following a vehicle crash. Timing is critical in being able to link the injury to the accident through medical reports. If you are an accident victim, you should also follow the advice of health care professionals during therapy and recovery. Ongoing documentation will be important in strengthening your claim.