What factors contribute to serious car accident injuries?

Posted On August 5 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you choose to ride your motorcycle, car or SUV in Colorado, the one thing you need to keep in mind is safety. You hear about and see motor vehicle accidents every day. You can plan your trips, limit the length of time you spend on the roads and drive defensively, but there is always the chance of traffic conditions changing or someone else’s driving errors and negligent actions interfering with your safety. 

To decrease your risk of motor vehicle collisions, you should take some time to learn about factors that can lead to catastrophic injuries. 

Impact of collision 

It is not necessary for you to drive at high speeds to end up with broken bones, fractures, spinal cord damage and brain injuries. However, they are more likely to occur in accidents where speed is a factor. The impact alone can force your body to jerk and move in unnatural ways. The impact can also cause penetrating injuries. 

Not wearing seat belts 

Your vehicle has seat belts for you to use to keep you from becoming airborne in an accident. Depending on the make, model and year of your car, it may also have other safety features, such as ABS brakes, a rollover prevention system and other devices to reduce your risk of injury. Even though the law requires vehicle occupants to wear their seat belts, many people do not. No matter how short or close you plan to travel, you should always put your seat belt on first. 

Alcohol, medications and other drugs 

Intoxicated motorists cause many car accidents. When they consume alcohol or use medications and other substances that alter their physical and mental abilities, they are more likely to crash their vehicles into others. It is not always easy to avoid drunk and intoxicated motorists because they do not always exhibit the signs and behaviors associated with impairment. Many people lose their lives every day to motorists who drive while under the influence of substances. 

Car accidents are not always easy to prevent or predict. However, you can avoid many of them and reduce your chances of injury by having good driving habits, following all traffic laws and staying attentive.