Factors that contribute to pedestrian accidents

Posted On November 28 2017 | Firm News,Personal Injury

There was a significant uptick in car accidents involving pedestrians last year. The number of Colorado pedestrian fatalities was 84 in 2016, which was an increase from 64 in 2015. 

Car collisions involving pedestrians become even more likely during the winter months. The reduced visibility makes it harder for both motorists and pedestrians to see what is in front of them. However, there are a number of other factors that can contribute to these dangerous accidents, and everyone should account for them when going out during the Colorado winter. 


When people go walking in the cold, they likely want to get back inside as quickly as possible. This can lead to hasty decisions, such as jaywalking. In the event it is too cold, windy or snowy outside, people should consider other ways to reach their destination if they must go out at all. 

Poorly treated walkways

After a big storm, the sidewalk may be in a state of disarray. There could still be large piles of snow directly in people’s paths. There may also be sludge or sections of ice. Pedestrians may assume it is safer to walk on the street momentarily, but this poses its own dangers. Combined with reduced visibility, a motorist may not see a person in the street until it is too late. 

Lack of vigilance

Pedestrians should avoid looking at their phones whenever they cross the street regardless of the time of year, but it becomes even more important during the winter. Pedestrians should not listen to music through headphones while walking. It is also highly recommended for people out walking to wear bright, visible clothing. When the forecast predicts snow, pedestrians should avoid wearing a white jacket that would make them blend into the environment. With a few precautions, pedestrians and drivers can share the outdoors in peace.