Some underlooked winter driving dangers

Posted On November 9 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Think about winter driving dangers and crashing in ice, snow or sleet is probably what springs to mind. However, underlooked dangers get many drivers in trouble.

For example, how is your visibility?

Low or no visibility

The strength of your headlights ties into your visibility and can keep another car from plowing into you on a snowy day or evening. Even if your lights have not burned out, they could be dim.

You should also be able to see well outside of your car, so always be sure all your windows and mirrors have been de-iced. Skipping just one mirror or window could prove disastrous.

Lack of emergency kit

Winter weather likely means you have some risk of being stranded, perhaps at the hands of a negligent driver. And, of course, being stranded in low temperatures can prove fatal. So, be sure you have an emergency kit that includes at least one blanket, canned food, bottled water and a map.

Not sharing plans

It happens to the best of people, but when you forget to tell others where you are going, you risk getting stuck. Try to remember to tell at least one person where you are going, when you should arrive and when you will be back, especially if bad weather is in the forecast. This way, if your phone battery dies and you crash and roll into a ditch, help will hopefully not be far off.

No car cleaning

Winter can be a discouraging time to clean your car. It may seem your car is wet and muddy again only minutes after leaving a car wash. However, rust can be a major issue that develops in winter, thanks to salt. Rust spreads quickly, threatening the integrity of your vehicle. Regular washing of your car ensures salt and other substances do not linger, preventing rust formation. Also, remember to clean car undercarriages.