3 essential tips for winter cycling

Posted On December 12 2017 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

As it gets colder in Boulder, you may think that your cycling season is over. However, you can ride in the winter with the right knowledge and preparation. In fact, riding your bike in the winter can be a rewarding experience. Winter cycling means less traffic and more exercise. 

But what should you do to keep yourself safe and comfortable in cold weather and snow? Read below for essential winter cycling tips. 

1. Layer up for warmth

If you get cold and wet during your ride, you will be miserable. According to Active.com, one of the most crucial tips for bicycling during the winter is dressing properly. Stay warm with the following gear:

  • A sweat-wicking base layer
  • A middle thermal layer
  • A soft, waterproof shell jacket
  • A fleece beanie
  • Windproof gloves
  • Outer-protection overshoes

When you wear these must-haves, you can stay warm and dry during the worst winter conditions.

2. Make sure you are seen

Winter means it is more difficult for you to see-and drivers to see you. Make sure you equip your bike with lights and reflectors, even if you do not plan on riding at night. Darkness creeps up on you quickly during the winter, and you never know when you will need them. You should also wear clothing that is bright and noticeable.

3. Look at the forecast

Before you brave the Boulder winter, check out the weather on the news or the forecast app on your smartphone. You do not want to be caught up in a snowstorm or intense winds. While you can certainly keep cycling during the winter, there are certain times where you should stay home. 

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you do not need to put away your bike when winter comes. Simply follow these tips to keep yourself safe during the winter. By doing so, you can do your best to avoid accidents and injuries.