Maximize your attorney-client relationship

Posted On February 6 2018 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents,Personal Injury

After an accident, innocent victims deserve to get their just compensation. If they choose to file a personal injury claim, many choose to enlist the help of an attorney.

Though attorneys are there to help, the claimant still has a role to play. There are a few things that clients should do to maximize their attorney-client relationship.

Communicate freely

Communication is critical in any relationship and is especially important between an attorney and client. Not only does a person need to clearly express the desired outcome of the case, but also any pertinent information that comes up. Along with what claimants communicate, they must also be aware of how and when they do so. Many attorneys handle several cases at once, so it is important that clients respect that schedule and utilize it to set up times to meet with the attorney, or try to express patience with the attorney getting back to them.

Be honest

Claimants should choose attorneys that they trust and feel comfortable sharing the whole truth with. It is important for attorneys to be fully aware of all details of their cases. That way, they may properly prepare and be able to defend against negative information. When claimants hold back information for fear that it may make them look bad, it leaves the attorney blindsided and may actually hurt the case in the long run.

Provide timely information

There are many rules and regulations in regard to car insurance in Colorado, which affects the claim process in the event of an accident. Therefore, the attorney may need and ask for additional information. It is important that the claimant provide it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may prolong the process.

By keeping these things in mind, clients can work with their attorneys to develop solid claims.