How much is your personal injury case worth?

Posted On March 12 2018 | Firm News,Personal Injury

When you get hurt in an accident, whether from a car crash or a defective product, you have a lot to worry about. You need to get medical treatment for the injury. You have to call the insurance company. You cannot continue earning income for a while or perhaps permanently. Your stress levels go up with all the things you have to do.

The silver lining is that you can receive financial compensation for your injuries to lighten the load. Damages can cover medical bills, long-term care, lost wages, loss of employment and more depending on your situation. It is worth the time and effort to pursue a lawsuit against the responsible party because your case is probably worth more than you think.

How much is your case worth?

The following factors go into determining the value of your case:

  • Injuries: What type of injuries did you receive? How severe are they? 
  • Recovery: What are the chances of a quick and/or complete recovery? Will you have any permanent disabilities, scarring or health problems?
  • Lifestyle changes: Do you have to change your lifestyle to accommodate your injury? Have you lost companionship due to the accident?
  • Employment: How much work have you missed? Are you able to work again? Do you have to change to a different job?
  • Property damage: How much damage occurred to your property, such as your car in an auto accident?
  • Fault: Were you at fault in any way for the accident? (Colorado is a contributory negligence state).
  • Responsible party: Is the responsible party one person or a big company? How likely is the party able to pay damages?

As you can see, the courts consider a lot before deciding how much money you deserve for your injuries. Having as much proof possible to show how the accident has affected you is essential. For this reason, you should seek the legal assistance of a qualified attorney.