Why have a lawyer talk to the insurance adjuster?

Posted On May 28 2018 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Thousands of Colorado residents end up in car crashes every year. Out of all the accidents the Colorado police investigated, 732 occurred as a result of inattentive driving in 2014 alone. 

One of the things you should always do after a car accident is contact your auto insurance agency. During this conversation, you simply need to provide the facts surrounding the incident, such as the date and time of the collision. The representative you speak with may ask you other questions related to the case. While you may feel like you can answer everything on your own, you will generally be better off having your attorney speak to the adjuster in the aftermath. 

A lawyer should speak with your insurance agency’s adjuster

After you provide your insurance agency with the basic information, you should hang up and inform the adjuster that he or she can speak with your lawyer if the company requires any more information. The reason for this is that your auto insurance may try to deny your claim. Showing you have an attorney proves you are serious about this matter and will take the incident to court if it comes down to that. Having an attorney in your corner also helps prevent you from saying something incriminating that could suggest you were partially at fault for the crash. 

A lawyer should speak with the other driver’s insurance adjuster

You should obtain the other driver’s insurance information at the scene of the crash. The other driver’s insurance adjuster may contact you out of the blue to get some more details about the case. There is no need for you to ever speak to this person by yourself. The other driver’s insurance company will try even harder to deny the claim. An attorney will review every detail of your case, from the value of your vehicle to your injuries, and fight to help you obtain a reasonable amount of compensation.