3 mechanical failures that can cause an accident

Posted On July 26 2018 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a responsible driver on the road, the best way to avoid an accident is to drive defensively and follow all traffic laws. Sometimes additional factors such as weather or road conditions make even the safest drivers vulnerable, though. One of the most dangerous hazards on the road is a car’s potential for mechanical failure. When something goes wrong with your car, you could be in an accident as a result.

Following are three of the most common mechanical failures that can cause auto collisions. If you have been injured in an accident where such an issue might have been to blame, you should see a doctor and consult with an attorney to better understand your options for treatment and recourse.

Blown tires

According to Popular Mechanics, tire blowouts are most likely to happen between the months of May and October. During this time, higher temperatures outside can cause the air within tires to expand, and the heat of the pavement can add additional stress. Blowouts can happen anytime, though, and pose a serious risk to any driver on the road. Take care of your tires year-round to prevent it. 

Broken windshield wipers

You never realize how important your windshield wipers are until a day when it is pouring down rain. In rain of any severity, though, it is highly dangerous to drive without working windshield wipers. If yours happen to break, you might be unable to see the road through the rain, or any other type of inclement weather, and you could easily experience an accident as a result.

Faulty brakes

Your brakes might be the most important part of your car. If anything happens and causes them to malfunction, it can easily make it difficult to stop or slow down your car, and you could get into a collision. It is important to invest in regular maintenance for your brakes so that they are not at risk of malfunctioning.