Colorado offers safe driver training

Posted On August 9 2018 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

The state of Colorado has a number of programs aimed at reducing car accidents and injuries by promoting safe driving practices. These programs are available online for all types of drivers, even motorcyclists.

Learning more about your driving habits and how you can better protect yourself behind the wheel can help you avoid a serious accident. Here is some more information about the Colorado Safe Driver program and how to improve your driving safety:

Defensive driving

Defensive driving is one of the most well-known ways to help prevent road accidents. Some of the most important factors in defensive driving include basics such as paying attention while on the road and avoiding distractions like cell phones, as well as refusing to engage in aggressive behaviors that could provoke other drivers into an incident. Part of the Colorado Safe Driver program is a four-hour online course based on the National Safety Council’s instructional material about defensive driving. More than two million people have taken the online course. 

Accidents are costly

It makes sense that the state is promoting safer driving, both from a human as well as a cost perspective. The Denver Post reported that deaths from car crashes in Colorado in 2017 were higher than they had been in a decade. Wrongful death lawsuits due to driver negligence can bring big settlements and are costly to the state’s court system both in time and resources. Safer drivers on the road means a reduction in death and injury for the state’s residents and reduced accidents on the state’s many roadways.  

If you have access to a safe driving program, you should take advantage of it so you can improve your driving skills and reduce your chances of getting into a serious accident. Colorado drivers have already participated in many of the state’s programs to promote safe driving. With easy access from an online portal, these programs are available to drivers across the state from the convenience of their own homes.