3 common mistakes to avoid after a car crash

Posted On January 25 2019 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is vital to realize no car accident case is simple. Even a minor two-car crash, such as what transpired at Boulder Canyon on January 14, can lead to lane closures and injuries. 

There is a lot you need to do after a motor vehicle accident. However, there is also much you need to avoid. The wrong actions can harm your claim, so you need to be careful you do not do any of the following. 

1. Talking to too many people

After a car accident, you need to talk to the police, your auto insurance agency and the doctor. There is no need to have a full conversation with the other driver, because you may inadvertently incriminate yourself. A representative from the other driver’s insurance agency may try to get in touch with you, and you do not have to speak to this person. You can simply redirect the representative to your attorney. Finally, you want to avoid talking about the incident on social media. 

2. Failing to follow your doctor’s orders

You may feel fine, but you still want a medical evaluation. There could be injuries lurking beneath the surface. The doctor may end up prescribing medication or physical therapy to help you get better. You want to follow these orders precisely. If you fail to do so, then the other party can use that as evidence to suggest you did not suffer serious injuries as you may have claimed initially. 

3. Settling your case too soon

Car accidents of any severity can be traumatic. It is natural to want to settle the case as soon as possible just to get it out of the way. However, if you settle early, then you may not be able to get all the damages you could have gotten. Your attorney can look at what the insurance companies offer to see if it is worth pursuing the claim further.