4 questions to ask your doctor after a car accident

Posted On March 21 2019 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you think there are more drivers than ever on metro-area roadways, you are correct. About 80,000 people move to Colorado every single year. With more drivers on already crowded roadways comes a greater risk of an automobile accident. Eventually, you may find yourself in either a minor or serious collision. 

Motor vehicle accidents often cause serious injuries. As such, even if you think you feel fine after a wreck, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Talking to doctors, though, can be intimidating. Still, if you do not communicate effectively, you may receive an incorrect diagnosis. You may also not know how to recover from your injuries. Here are four questions to ask your physician after a car accident: 

1. What injuries do I have? 

You may have emerged from your car accident without any injuries at all. Still, the only way you can know if you are hurt is to ask for a professional opinion. When you do, explain to your doctor how the accident unfolded. Also, tell your physician about any symptoms you have, even if they seem irrelevant. 

2. What is my treatment plan? 

To increase your chances of recovering fully, you must follow your doctor’s orders. Of course, if you do not understand the treatment plan, you cannot stick to it. Note, however, that if you ignore treatment, the person who caused your car wreck may argue that you contributed to your ongoing injuries. 

3. How will my injuries affect my future? 

Unfortunately, you may never fully recover from your injuries. If that is the case, you want to know how your injuries are likely to affect your future. Will you be able to work? Will you be able to have children? Will you be able to enjoy recreational activities? Only when you understand what your post-injury life looks can you develop a strategy for coping with it. 

4. Can you send me a copy of my medical records? 

Finally, whether you want to pursue compensation for your injuries, seek a second medical opinion or better understand your situation, you need a copy of your medical records. Perhaps the best time to request them is when you are at the doctor’s office. Simply ask the receptionist to forward everything in your file to you. 

Communicating effectively with your doctor after an automobile accident does not have to be difficult. By using these four questions as an outline, you receive valuable information about your health.