Tips for talking to witnesses after a car accident

Posted On April 18 2019 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can result in serious injuries. Two people suffered severe injuries after a three-car crash on Highway 7 in early April. Equipment was used to retrieve one of the individuals affected.

It is vital to start mounting a car shortly after the car crash. There is a lot of evidence you can gather, including photographs and a police statement. However, you should not overlook the importance of witness testimony. In the event anyone on the sidewalk saw what happened, you need to talk to them right away after the crash. 

Do not rely on testimony from passengers

A court will generally not take testimony seriously from passengers in either of the vehicles. The passenger obviously has a bias, so you need testimony from an objective third party. Do not think you are safe just because your friend saw what happened. 

Get contact information at first

You have a lot to deal with in the immediate aftermath. You will not be able to sit down with an eyewitness to get all the information you need. Instead, you should simply get the person’s contact information. You still need to exchange insurance information with the other driver and talk to the police. You just need to be able to talk to this person at a later date. 

Get all the facts afterward

After some time has passed, your attorney and insurance agent will want to hear everything about the crash. This is where your eyewitness can come into play. You want to get all the facts about how the crash happened and who is ultimately at fault. You first need to establish where the witness stood at the time of the collision. From there, you can delve into which car seemed to be most responsible. You do not want to get the witness’ opinion. Facts will help your case the most, so it is best that witnesses not guess about anything.