Be careful with what you say after a car crash

Posted On July 17 2019 | Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

The aftermath of a car accident is often chaotic and confusing. Aside from dealing with your injuries and property damage, you need to communicate with multiple people. You may need to talk to other drivers, witnesses, police officers, insurance adjusters and doctors.

What you say to any of these parties may impact your chances of getting compensation. Be careful with the words you use, because you may inadvertently admit fault or say something another person may misinterpret.

Other drivers and witnesses

When you are in a collision with at least one other motorist, it is necessary to exchange basic information. You need to share and obtain contact details and insurance info. When you interact with another driver or even a witness, do not say you are sorry or claim you do not have injuries. If you apologize for the accident or say you are okay, you may lose the opportunity to obtain compensation. Even if you truly believe you are at fault, you do not know what the police and insurance companies will determine. Additionally, even if you do not notice injuries, it may take several days for them to appear. Do not make any conclusive statements about fault or injuries.


It is a good rule of thumb to see a doctor following a crash, even if you think your injuries may be minor. Avoid downplaying any symptoms you experience. If you are not completely honest with your doctor about your injuries, you may not receive an accurate diagnosis, which can hurt your car accident claim. 

Social media

In today’s world, it seems normal to post about everything on social media. You may want to talk about the accident on such sites, but this can backfire. If you share details online, the insurance company may be able to misconstrue them. It is better to avoid talking about your car accident on a public forum. Instead, update your friends and family members privately and in-person.