Do your kids use these recalled items?

Posted On September 18 2019 | Firm News,Products Liability

Shopping for children’s merchandise is very fun. The products are colorful, whimsical and interesting. They can bring a smile to your kid’s face while also serving a practical purpose.

Unfortunately, for some kids, their belongings end up being sources of severe harm and even death. Defective products often do not come to light until something bad has happened. These are a few things that have recently joined the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission list of recalls for 2019.

Contigo water bottle

Part of being environmentally friendly is opting for reusable items instead of disposable ones. Contigo water bottles are a common choice for kids to use at school, at home and out and about. However, the small silicone spout your child sips through can come off in the mouth, causing him or her to choke. The recall affects about 5.7 million units.

Plush Forky

Thanks to “Toy Story 4,” the new character Forky has experienced quite the popularity among kids. Perhaps yours is one of them, and you got your child a plush Forky toy to play with. Unfortunately, Disney recalled the item due to the googly eyes coming off and becoming a choking hazard. You can get a refund for your purchase.

Inclined sleepers

Multiple baby items that allow for sleeping at an incline, such as rockers and play yard accessories, have seen recalls due to a high risk of suffocation when babies roll onto their stomach. This usually happens if the parent does not restrain the infant, but it can also happen under normal conditions. A related issue comes with the Boppy head and neck support, which tilts the head too far forward, obstructing the baby’s breathing.

Common themes among all children’s recalled items include choking, suffocation and fire hazards (clothing not meeting federal flammability standards). To keep your child safe, check the list regularly for relevant products before accident and injury occur.